The retreat is currently almost sold out and online sales are no longer available.

Please reach out to Eve - 720 315 4267 - if you are interested in joining the retreat.

Hi Ladies!

This retreat is the first of it's kind for the Jewish women of Portland but has been run numerous times on the East Coast (always sold out!).

A two day getaway connecting with amazing friends, dining on delicious healthy food, and lodging together but most importantly it will be two days packed with spiritual guidance, individual life coaching, healing work, and much more.

I myself attended a similar retreat with Rivka Malka Perlman almost one year ago and it gave me so much clarity in my life's mission.

Please join me!


Ideas tug at us, family needs us, fear beckons us, but deepest of all is the question: Who am I? 

What is my Life Mission? What I meant to be doing next?

If you knew these answers you would be good to go. You could let go of conflict and move forward with clarity and energy. 

The good news is that these answers are closer than you think. They are within you, impatiently waiting for you to listen. 


Sunday November 5th until Tuesday November 7th.


South end of Washington State - 1 and a half hours from Portland


The price of the trip is $450. Discounted early bird rate of $360 for registrations before June 15th 2017 for residents of the Portland Metro Area.

What are the Goals of The Retreat? 

  1. For you to be able to articulate and celebrate your Life Mission. 
  2. To uncover the themes and stories that make up your life and understand how they can serve your Life Mission.
  3. To guide you on a Healing Journey so you can grow more deeply into the woman you were meant to be.
  4. To explore your specific gift and how it can serve your business, job and family. 

Who is Rivka Malka?

Rivka Malka Perlman is a Transformation/Life Mission Coach, National Speaker and mother of eight who authentically celebrates the Divine with every life experience.

Born into an Orthodox Jewish family, Rivka Malka was the eighth of nine children.  


After studying at  Jewish Teachers Training College in Gateshead, England, she married her husband, moved to Israel and welcomed their first three children into their lives.

In 2001, Rivka Malka and her family moved back to America to be involved in Jewish Outreach. For fourteen years, she raised their eight children in a vibrant Jewish community as a stay at home mother. Although she was and her husband were active in the community, planning events and teaching classes, her main role was taking care of the home and children.


Everything changed when Rivka Malka endured a near death experience during the birth of her youngest child. After recovery, she found herself embracing a new appreciation for life, G-d’s love and her life’s mission. Rivka set out on a journey to help others discover the beauty in this joyous take on life.

Beginning as a volunteer, she soon became the Director for WOW - a Jewish outreach program for Young Professionals and was soon co-leading Akiva trips to Israel for college aged students. These life-changing experiences allowed Rivka to spread her wings far beyond her her home. As the co-founder of Wrapunzel, she began working with women from different backgrounds and seeking out new ways to leave a positive impact in the word.

Today, Rivka Malka is educating and empowering women in ways she never thought possible. Through transformation coaching, powerful live presentations, life-changing retreats and educational videos, Rivka Malka guides spiritual women to a joyous place of pure fulfillment.